Made In Makhanda
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Enhanced Aloes Handmade Soap

Enhanced Aloes Handmade Soap
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Enhanced Aloes Soap - handmade in Makhanda by Andiswa Stofu. The soap contains freshly picked aloe gel, pure coconut oil, fragrance, essential oils, and olive oil. 100% organic with no artificial fragrance. Aloe africana is a species of the aloe plant indigenous to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Andiswa Stofu is a self-employed entrepreneur and long-time resident of Joza township located in Makhanda. Inspired by the aloes of the Eastern Cape, Andiswa produces quality organic soap from Aloe ferox extracts, which have been tested by Rhodes University's Pharmacy Department for their authentic ingredients. Learn more about Andiswa on the "Our Artists" page.